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Outdoor adventures in the primary curriculum

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Adventure Learning Crystal Palace Park offers curriculum-linked outdoor adventures in the park that add value to the work of teachers, help bring subjects to life and support each child’s health and wellbeing and their personal and social development.

Natural Connections (funded by Natural England, Defra and Historic England and delivered by Plymouth University) is the largest project of its kind in England - helping more than 40,000 primary and secondary school pupils get out of their classrooms and into the outdoors – whether that’s a maths lesson in a local park or drama out on the school field. It found the following...

  • 95 per cent of children surveyed said outdoor learning makes lessons more enjoyable

  • 90 per cent of staff surveyed found outdoor learning to be useful for curriculum delivery

  • 93 per cent of schools said outdoor learning improves pupils’ social skills

  • 92 per cent of schools said it improves pupils’ health and wellbeing and engages them with learning



(Testimonials as provided to Adventure Learning CPP and Wide Horizons)