8th August 2018


We create adventures that are tailored to each class we work with.  Below are some sessions that schools have particularly loved. They are listed under curriculum topics, but each session supports many topics across the curriculum and each can be structured to focus on different objectives as set by teachers.


Life Science (EYFS, KS1-3)

Expeditions to find and identify plants, animals and mini-beasts, understand food chains and habitats and evolution and record, classify and look for patterns and make predictions.

Geology (EYFS – KS2)

Geological expeditions to sample rocks and soils.

Geography (KS1-3)

Making maps and using compasses, including team challenges to rescue Fluffy from the dinosaurs.

Creating a river system by pouring buckets of water down a hill in a study of water cycles and river systems.





Matter (KS2)

Working with heat, testing with balloons, making bubbles and creating goo to explore states of matter.

Forces (EYFS, KS1-3)

Making fizzy rockets, marble slides, parachutes, boats, tug-o-wars, balloons, hovercrafts and pulleys and sticks and stones to explore forces in nature.

Working with simple machines – inclined plane, screw, pulley, lever and wheel.

Sound (EYFS – KS3)

Making and using woodland instruments to explore how different shapes, materials, force and distance create different sounds.





Electricity (KS2)

Generating electricity from water, how circuits and battery toys work.

Light (KS2)

Playing with morse code using mirrors, making shadow pattern and art, and sundials

Design Technology

Cooking and nutrition (EYFS – KS3)

Campfire cooking.

Design and build structures (EYFS – KS3)





Research, evaluate, design, build and test structures such as the Crystal Palace, transmission tower, human and animal shelters or bridges using logs, leaves and other found materials; considering properties of different shapes and how to strengthen and stiffen

New products (KS2-3)

Research, develop, design and build a new product or park feature and sell sell sell sell to the public in the park.


Measuring, analysing and presenting data modelling and making predictions (EYFS – KS3)

Scientific expeditions to establish the population of different mini beasts and trees.

Conversions (KS2)
Plot out a new trainline across the park to optimal gradient and using least track.





Properties of shapes (KS1-2)

Find shapes in nature. Build structures to fair test the properties of different shapes.


Dinosaur times (KS1)
Use the Crystal Palace dinosaurs as a starting point to investigate the world of dinosaurs, including habitats and food chains.

Stone Age to Iron Age (KS2)
Go back in time to build fires and smelt metal as our early ancestors would have done (Offered with great thanks to William Rowland Ltd Metal Traders)

The Romans (KS2)
A trail around the classical terraces using the design features (plinths, arches, measurements etc) to explore what the Romans have done for us. Trail ends in a hunt for Boudicca’s lost treasure.





The Anglo Saxons (KS2)
Build an Anglo Saxon farm by weaving farm yard fences and wattle and daub to build walls and test out the Anglo Saxon farm with animals from Capel Manor.

History of The Crystal Palace (KS1-2)
A Magical History Tour of the Crystal Palace and its grounds that ends with making a palace out of bamboo.

WW2 (KS2)
Orienteering trail discovering refugee camp, unexploded bombs and bomb craters and secret facilities.


Painting with water colours (EYFS-KS2)

A stand aloneadventure or included in mini beast, plant ID, geography sessions.





Stick art (EYFS -KS3)

Making shapes, patterns and portraits using sticks and leaves.

Colour hunts (EYFS – KS3)

Finding colours in nature and creating ground collages, decorating hats and making other art pieces.


Texts (EYFS-KS3)
Study and recreation of texts using relevant park settings or modelling using sticks and other materials, or drama performances.  Create a story or play, from Superworm to a dinosaur escape to a Roman adventure.

Poetry (KS1-3)

Sounds in nature, campfire poetry, how we feel.


All of the Adventure learning sessions support PE, offering competitive activities both against self and against others, and co-operative physical activities.





Crystal Palace Park Forest School  (EYFS- KS2 )

All staff are Level 3 Forest School Leaders with many years experience developing and delivering Forest School programmes catering to a broad age range. The Secret Garden is the ideal Forest School location and we are happy to work with teaching staff to develop agreed programmes fitting within each half term.  We are also very comfortable to enter into a more fluid arrangement that takes direction from the interests and abilities of the pupils taking part.

Please list sessions of interest and preferred dates in the contact form below