8th August 2018

How to

Adventure Cost and Timings

Adventures cost £120 for a class of up to 32 pupils and each one goes for approximately two hours. The morning slots start between 9.30am and 10.30am and go to between 11:30am and 12.30pm. The afternoon slots start between 12.30pm and 1.30pm and go to between 2:30pm and 3.15pm.

The Adventure

After a safety discussion, the adventure lead sets a team or individual challenge that relates to the topic being studied in class and the learning objectives agreed with the teacher.  These can range from expeditions to find and identify mini-beasts and predict populations to following orienteering clues to find Boudicca’s lost treasure to setting up pulleys to building Crystal Palaces with bamboo. Anything, really.  School staff and accompanying parents can be called upon to support the session lead or teams if / when required.  Adventures end with a refreshment and discussion about the session.


  1. Consider our list of popular adventures and think about the kind of adventure you think might best meet the learning objectives you want out of your sessions. Don’t worry if there is nothing that hits the mark, as we are very happy to suggest other options or to work with you to come up with something new.
  2. Email or call us to go through sessions, clarify objectives, agree adult/pupil ratio and confirm dates and times.
  3. Download the booking form on our website, complete it and then email it to hugh@adventure-learning.org.uk.
  4. We send you a draft outline for the session that will include learning objectives. We will also send through a risk document and key info sheet with meeting and departure points.
  5. You check that everything is correct and contact us with any changes you would like.
  6. We will then send through through an invoice payable within 14 days of issue or advance of your session taking place. This money will be kept in a holding account and drawn from by Adventure Learning Crystal Palace Park on completion of each session. The money will be refunded to the school if the session is cancelled at no fault of the school.
  7. We email you two weeks prior to the adventure learning session to confirm all is on-track for the session – including advance payment.
  8. Pupils come  to Crystal Palace Park for their learning adventure/s supported by school staff and parent volunteers.
  9. Everyone has a great time on their learning adventures.
  10. We email invoice to your school office.